OTWAY COAST The most spectacular part of the Great Ocean Road

Wild Life Wonders

The best Otway Coast places to see Koalas.

The beautiful Otways are a paradise for a rich collection of flora and fauna and provide the visitor with lots of opportunities to see animals at close quarters. Koalas especially are easily seen on the Otway Coast with many spots around the villages providing easy viewing of Koalas feeding and sleeping in trees.

Other animals

Other animals you can see in this area are Swamp Wallabies, Ring-tailed Possums, Echidna and Grey Kangaroos which are all quite common. Tiger Quoll and Yellow-bellied Gliders are also residents of the Otway Coast area but are rarely seen.


What is a Tiger Quoll?

The Spot-tailed Quoll, or Tiger Quoll, is the largest surviving marsupial carnivore on the mainland of Australia. The Quoll is a very good climber but it spends most of its time on the forest floor looking for the small animals it feeds on, like possums, gliders, birds and rabbits.
The Quoll has been threatened by many years of logging and is listed as an endangered animal.  For more information on the Quoll and the work the Otways Ranges Environmental Network (OREN) are doing to protect it see their website.


Kangaroos and wallabies