OTWAY COAST The most spectacular part of the Great Ocean Road

Short Walks

Otway Trails The best trails have been selected for you by a dedicated team of locals who have researched, explored and walked the Otway Coast area.

Kennett River Koala Walk

One of the all time favourites. Relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of the bush as you wind your way along the Grey River Road through Koala popular gum forest and into the dense Otway Rainforest. How many Koalas can you count? Download Kennett River Koala Walk pdf.

Wye River and Kennett River Walks and Drive

Discover your wild side in the Otway rainforest or along the Great Ocean Road beaches of Wye River and Kennett River, two of the tranquil towns of the Otway Coast. You will see wild animals, spectacular trees and beautiful fauna as well as a wide range of colorful parrots and other birds. Download Wye River and Kennett River Walks Brochure pdf.

Wye River Heritage Walk

Discover the historic township of Wye River and the history of its early settlers, the timber industry, shipping and the Great Ocean Road – an easy 90 min walk.
Download Wye River Heritage Walk Brochure pdf.

Kennett River Glow-Worm walk

Did you know that the Glow Worm is worth 6 million dollars to the Australian tourism industry? Did you know that Glow Worms are really bioluminescent (ie/ glowing in the dark) maggots of a mosquito like fly? But whatever they really are, there’s no denying that a walk through Glow Worm territory at night can be a magical sight.

This is a night walk and you should allow one hour for return drive and walk.
Download Kennett River Glow-Worm Walk Brochure pdf.

Other popular regional walks

Birregurra Heritage Walk

Discover Birregurra’s vivid past as you wander about this scenic and peaceful country town. Over the past few years this once sleepy, historic town has undergone a tremendous revival and now boasts a wide range of gift shops, cafes and galleries. It is fast becoming widely recognised for its celebration of country life festival in October.
Download the Birregurra Heritage Walk Brochure PDF

Colac Heritage Walk

Prior to European settlement the area was occupied by the Kolijon or Coladjin Aborigines and the town’s name is thought either to derive from this tribal name or from a Kolijon word.
Today you can explore the history and architectural wonders of Colac by following the Colac Heritage Walk taking in historic churches and buildings in the town. There are many beautiful buildings with facades and sections from the 1870’s – early general stores, hotels and private residences.
The Colac post office was built in 1876 with 1888 extensions and the Shire Hall was erected in 1879. The Sister of Mercy convent dates from 1889 and there are numerous stately Church buildings from aound the same time. Take a walk back in time and when you are all walked out take a break at one of the many cafes. Download the Colac Heritage Walk Brochure pdf.

Red Rock Volcanic Drive

Red Rock is a 45 minute return drive from Colac. Located 17km from Colac Red Rock has over 40 eruption points and is the youngest dormant volcano in the western plains.
Red Rock, 230 metres above sea-level, was once a volcano and hence the landscape at this site is scattered with vents, some of which are now crater lakes. The basalt plains around the volcano, known as Stony Rises, were formed by lava flows. Ash deposits formed around the craters and lava jets shot hundreds of metres into the air creating the hills of Red Rock (the colouration is due to the presence of iron). There are two excellent lookouts.
Download the Red Rock Volcanic Drive Brochure pdf.

Cressy Discovery Trail

Explore the historic township of Cressy about 38 km north of Colac. Admire the mosaic couch and the bluestone church in the main street or stroll down the Avenue of Honour commemorating those who made the supreme sacrifice.
Download Cressy Discovery Trail Brochure pdf

Before you go remember  –

  • Sudden and extreme weather changes are common in the Otways so carry practical all-weather clothing
  • Remember your mobile may be out of range
  • Carry food, water, matches and a torch in case of emergency
  • Take note of signs and landmarks
  • Advise someone of your intended location and estimated time of return
  • Respect the environment and stay on marked paths
  • Do not damage vegetation or disturb wildlife
  • No fires, including BBQ’s can be lit on a day of total fire ban