OTWAY COAST The most spectacular part of the Great Ocean Road

See and do Highlights

Things to see and do for everyone’s taste. Want quiet and tranquil? Nature? Or extreme sport?

Scenic drives Driving the Great Ocean Road is an adventure. Wind your way without plan and just drive where the whim takes you or follow one of these beautiful routes recommended below.
Take your time and see what makes our wonderful coast and inland regions so special.
Koalas The Otway Coast is one of the best places in Australia to see Koalas in the wild. There are many big colonies growing every year in and around the Otway Coast towns so you will be guaranteed close sightings. Bring the camera for that close-up
Otway trails These trails have been put together by a dedicated team of locals who have researched, explored and walked the best areas so our visitors can enjoy them too. Enjoy wildlife spotting in atmospheric rainforests thousands of years old.
Dog friendly places Grab a leash and hit the beach! Your dog and you on the Otway Coast. It’s is hard to imagine any place a dog is happier than at a beach. Whether running around on the sand, dancing in the waves, swimming in the water or just lying snoozing and dreaming in the sun, every dog deserves a day at the beach. The Otway Coast has many dog friendly holiday rental houses and beaches where you and your best four legged friend can hang out. So don’t leave your dog at home when you go on holiday.
Beaches The Otway Coast beaches range from wild spectacular rocky cliffs to calm sandy bays for swimming. There are also many great spots to catch a wave. For a tranquil day out or a rugged adventure check out the beaches of the Otway Coast.
Waterfalls Legend has it there are 400 waterfalls in the hinterland rainforest area behind the Otway Coast. Many of them have never been placed on maps and only seen by very keen bushwalkers. However these are also lots of beautiful waterfalls close to roads and paths which are very accessible. For a short trip or a strenuous day’s outing explore a waterfall during your next visit to Otway Coast.
Shipwrecks The Otway Coast was a treacherous stretch for ships in the 19th century, and several met a grim end on local rocks. Of the 700 ships wrecked along the Victorian coast, many were wrecked along what is now the Great Ocean Road. Drive the coast and walk back into the history of those tragic events.
Fishing There’s no better fishing area than the Otway Coast from Lorne to Wongarra. Rocks and beach. It’s wild, remote and the fishing is great!
Surfing Waves and more waves. Kennett, Separation Creek, Wye River and other unnamed beaches along the Otway Coast provide great opportunities to catch that wave.
Bird spotting A total of 155 bird species have been seen in the Great Otway National Park so this region is a bird lover’s paradise. Eastern Rosellas, Crimson Rosellas, Kookaburras, Cockatoos, King Parrots and Magpie are just a few of the many birds that will keep you captivated for hours. Sit on the balcony of your house and feed them from your hand or grab binoculars and go spotting for those more shy and rare.