OTWAY COAST The most spectacular part of the Great Ocean Road

Indigineous Otway Coast

Indigenous people lived in harmony with the land and sea in the Otways coastal region till the mid 19th century. The Gadubanud (King Parrot) people enjoyed a bountiful diet as can be seen from remains of the middens scattered along the shore platforms. They reveal evidence of oysters, cockles, and abalone collected by the women on the reefs while the men caught a variety of fish including crayfish, salmon and whiting. The Gadubanud also ate seals, eels, duck and Cape Barren Geese.

A huge variety of bush foods included warrigal spinach, visible trailing down the cliffs, clematis, roots, tubers of bulbine lilies and fruits of native raspberry, coastal bearded heath and native currants in season.

Gadubanud houses were constructed from slabs of sandstone and these, with a good fire and possum skin coats gave protection from wintry squalls.
There are no surviving members of the Gadubanud people.

Narana Creations Cultural and Educational Centre

Visit Narana Creations on your way to Otway Coast, between Geelong and Torquay.
Narana Creations, Cultural Tourism and Educational Centre welcomes visitors into a gallery and retail display area with a wide range of Aboriginal Arts and Crafts. The staff is always interested to share their knowledge of history and culture.

Visitors can be treated to a didgeridoo performance, learn the art of boomerang throwing and sample bush flavours in the café. Why not pay them a visit as you travel to the Otway Coast. Narana Creations 410 Surf Coast Highway between Geelong & Torquay. See more….