OTWAY COAST The most spectacular part of the Great Ocean Road

About The-2008 Competition

The Otways Coast Tourism (OCT) Group in early 2008 invited members of the Ivanhoe Photographic Society to enter photographs for a Competition.

OCT were after a series of iconic photos that would encourage people to visit this part of the coast through their interpretation of the region’s magnificent landscapes, beaches and nature.

The judges were lay members of Otway Coast Tourism who sought the iconic photographic results without dwelling on technical aspects of the photographs. Selection of winners was extremely difficult and only a slim margin separated the winners from others. The judges, while choosing the top three, also identified a further three that came close, and would like to congratulate all the photographers on such excellent pictures.

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The full set of entries were displayed to a regional meeting of tourism groups in May and were universally acclaimed as spectacular.

OCT has decided to build on the competition concept in future years in a format yet to be decided.
Prizes were a weekend of free double accommodation for each photographer, first, second and third. A special thankyou to the 3 accommodation providers who have made available a free weekend for two for the 3 winners.

The judges would like to thank all the entrants for the work and creativity that went into the entire wonderful selection of 30 entries.

The winners –

First prize – Duane Eaks with a photo of the Great Ocean Road from Wongarra Heights.
Second prize – Cindy Schulz with a photo of the the beach at Kennett River
Third prize– Rod Knight with a photo of a Koala in the trees along the coast