OTWAY COAST The most spectacular part of the Great Ocean Road

2008 Winners

Otway Coast Photo Competition 2008 Winners – click pics to enlarge


First prize – Duane Eaks with a photo of the Great Ocean Road from Wongarra Heights. Great Ocean Road – Wongarra Heights, Duane Eaks
Second prize – Cindy Schulz with a photo of the the beach at Kennett River. Beach Wye River, Cindy Schulz
Third prize– Rod Knight with a photo of a Koala in the trees along the coast. Koala, Rod Knight


Judges Comments

1st prize – Great Ocean Road from Wongarra Heights by Duane Eaks

The judges felt this photo is most evocative of the spectacular drive, with vehicles in the foreground, and the road stretching past rocky headlands to the distant town. The red car is a point of focus, and the eye is led naturally to the waves, the next stretches of the road as it disappears into the distance.

2nd Prize – Kennett Beach by Cindy Schultz

This apparently simple icon shot of Kennett River beach is an unfolding set of stories.
The immediate interest is the colourful lifesaver and the fluttering flag. There is action from the surfers as they watch the next wave, and the eye is taken to the waves on the rocks in the distance. In the foreground a father is helping his child build a sandcastle, unusually, with a shovel. A young woman watches a toddler in the shallows, while she hitches up her dress. A parent watches the surfers, completing the family vignette.

3rd Prize Koala by Rod Knight
The iconic photo of a Koala which is a very special feature of the abundant wildlife along our coast.
This shot is crisp but interesting as a strange fragment of leaf hanging from its mouth shows the Koala is eating. This shot has also captured a leaf in each claw ready for the next mouthful.

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Special mentions

The judging committee wants also to congratulate the photographers of the following photos for —

Special Mention 1 – Fishermen at Kennett River beach by Duane Eaks
A dramatic action shot of a fisherman on a rock awash with water and a large wave approaching, which prompts the viewer to ask urgent questions. Is there a safe escape to a nearby rock? Is the wave as big as it looks or is it a trick of the camera lens?
Fisherman – Kennett, Duane Eaks
Special mention 2 – Pasture with Seaview by Anita Bourke

Another iconic shot with a difference, the hinterland. Framed interestingly by the tree, rolling hills are area feature of the rich hinterland of the Otway Coast. The background of ocean again reminds the viewer that the blue southern ocean is usually not far away.

Pasture With Sea View - Wongarra, Anita Bourke
Special mention 3 – Dawn over Kennett River beach by Rod Knight
This attractive and evocative dawn shot has subtle pastel shades in the sky reflected on the sand with the reflection focusing attention on the seagulls. It reflects the beautiful tranquility of the sea.
Dawn Over Kennett River, Rod Knight

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