OTWAY COAST The most spectacular part of the Great Ocean Road

12 Apostles

Today travel magazines all around the world feature the unique Twelve Apostles giant rock stacks which are scattered along the coastline of the Port Campbell National Park. 

The stacks were formed as winds and waves from the southern ocean crashed against them over millennia and gradually eroded the softer limestone, leaving open caves in the cliffs which then became arches.

Later as this dramatic erosion continued the arches collapsed leaving rock islands as high as 45 metres isolated from the shore. Today there are only 8 stacks but when European settlers arrived there were probably about 18 of them. As the limestone continues to erode over hundreds of years there will once again be more Apostles standing in the sea.

Today many of them are havens for sea bird nesting grounds. Take a drive along this section of the coast with the iconic Apostles and walk along the cliffs at dusk or dawn for truly memorable views.

Travellers from all over the world are flocking here. If you live in Melbourne take some time to see these world famous icons on your doorstep soon.